ACSM recommendations for American teens are:

  • To participate in vigorous exercise for at least 20 minutes on 3 or more days of the week.
  • To participate in moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes on 5 or more days of the week.
  1. What physical activities do you participate in that help you meet these recommendations?
  2. What changes could you make to better meet these recommendations?
  3. Rank your enjoyment of participating in physical activities on a scale of 1-10 (1 being “I hate physical activities,” 10 being “Physical activities are the best part of my day”). Give reasons for your score.
  4. When you hang out with your friends, do you do tend to do physical activities (such as skateboarding, biking, etc) or non-physical activities (such as watching movies, playing video games, etc)? AND does the activity level of your friends affect your motivation to be physically active? Explain.

Refer to Assignment 1.2 Health Habit Action Plan to answer the question below. Remember, you should be working on this goal throughout the course in order to complete your final project for the course!

  1. Track your progress on your health habit action plan by answering the questions below. Record your progress for your health habit action plan.
  • Describe how successful you have been this week in changing your health habit.
  • Describe any barriers you have encountered this week that have deterred you from changing.
  • Describe how your support network has encouraged you to change.

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