This week you will start to think about the career path within the field of psychology that is a good fit for your skills, goals and interests. It is very important that as you consider your future career that you find a path that will not only bring you success, but also satisfaction and fulfillment as these are keys to a happy and satisfied life. In your first journal assignment you will start this process by taking a few assessments to gain better insight into the different sub-fields in psychology as well as identify which of these sub-fields line up with your interests and passions.

  • First, it will be important to take a look at psychology as a whole and make sure that this is the right field for you. Read pp. 6-13 in your careers textbook (Helms & Rogers, 2015).
  • Now look at Box 4.5 on page 69 of your career textbook (Helms & Rogers, 2015). Think about each of the questions listed on page 69 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) and how your choices may affect your career goals.
  • Read pp. 122-127 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) to learn about the different subfields of psychology.
  • The specializations listed on pp. 122-127 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) provide a good start. To further explore the different subfields and specializations within the field of psychology go to the following website and take some time to explore: APA: Careers in Psychology (

Now that you have spent some time looking at the many specializations in the field of psychology, in 300 words or more discuss your findings.

  • What specialization(s) were you drawn to and why?
  • What about this specialization(s) matches yoxxr goals, interests, and passions?
  • Do you feel that work within this specialization will bring you satisfaction in addition to success in your career journey?

Submit your paper by the end of Week 1 by clicking on the “Week 1 Journal link: above. Your paper should be written in APA format, and your sources should be properly cited and referenced. You can view the APA formatting video found in Start Here. Please submit your assignment as an attachment in Word document format (.doc or .docx).

*Please include at least one reference and corresponding in-text citation (it can be your textbook, a reputable website, or another scholarly source).

Journal Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Evidence of career specialization exploration. 20
Answered given journal questions. 40
Proper APA format of citations and references. (at least 1 reference) 20
Grammar, spelling, and correct APA format 20
Total: 100


  • American Psychological Association (December 2011). Careers in psychology. Retrieved from
  • Helms, J. L., & Rogers, D. T. (2015). Majoring in psychology: Achieving your educational and career goals. Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons.

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