Suburban Homes realized that its ambitious plan of expand- ing its business to several Southern States in the United States is possible if it is known for its high-quality homes that meet local, state, and federal standards as well as exceed industrial standards for quality.

Even though Suburban Homes did not place a strong emphasis on quality but focused on meeting industrial stan- dards, the company has realized that it must exceed all the quality standards to expand its business successfully. Although Adam Smith worked for several years in the construction indus- try, he is not specifically trained in quality management and he is not well versed with quality management tools and techni- ques. He is actively seeking help internally and externally.

In the previous chapters, you have developed a scope plan (WBS), schedule network, cost estimation along RBS, and risk assessments for the project described. Now, the quality management plan needs to be added to make the project plan comprehensive project.

Adam s primary task is to develop a quality manage- ment plan. Further, he realized that employee turnover and the expansion of the business in the southern states has led to Suburban Homes developing a centralized quality management team. You are hired as a con- sultant to develop a comprehensive quality management plan.

Answer the following questions:

Q ) Develop quality measures for monitoring project performance.

Q ) Develop a quality management plan as described in this chapter.

Q ) Perform a qualitative assessment to prioritize risks.

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