#1) Please, reply to Student (T.Y.) by following the instructions and the Rubric:

For your response post, provide a constructive critique of one group member’s selection. Do you agree with your classmate’s assessments? Provide a rationale for why you feel your team member’s section may be the best route OR if you feel there is a better choice, why the other choice should be selected instead.

So, remember my social media choice was Facebook and I guess it should be selected instead.

#2) Week 5: Team Strategic Marketing Plan: Part 1

As a team, complete and submit Part 1 of your Strategic Marketing Plan.

Team Part 1 Due Day (… pts – Rubric …)

Objective: To demonstrate knowledge of strategic formulation and implementation through a complete analysis and development of a strategic marketing plan.

Expectations: Assume that you have been hired as VP of Strategic Marketing for your team’s selected organization. You have been asked to develop the new strategic marketing direction and the plan of implementation covering all 4 P’s of marketing. You will also present the strategic marketing plan to the board of directors of the selected company.

The Strategic Marketing Plan should follow the outline below:

TEAM Written: PART 1:

1 – Title Page = “Apple Inc. A Great Marketer and a Successful Company”

2 – Executive Summary

3 – Company’s Background and/or Problem

Remember not to work on the part 2, part 2 is for next week. Part 1 is for now, and please follow the rubric and the “Grid View”.

So, on the file that I uploaded I am student 1 that means you’re going to work only on the part 1 which is: “1. Title Page which I already chose, 2. Executive Summary, and 3. Company’s Background and/or Problem.” I need at least two citations for this work.

Another reminder: Please, don’t worry about this one below, it attached on the file, but it’s done already:

Week 5: Team Social Media Discussion

Collaborative discussion required, grade based on individual contributions. Post a summary analysis of your social media selection from Week 4.

Individual Answer Post Due Day (… pts)

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