I want a word doc 5 pages paper with all the topics listed in the instructions. don’t do the powerpoint, will do it myself.


In this assignment you will assess your organization and identify an organizational problem, which is a topic included in any chapter of your Roussel textbook, for example high nurse turnover, which you feel needs improvement, for which a solution can be initiated/and or implemented by a nursing leader. Develop a 10-12 slide power point presentation (including a title slide and a reference slide) in which you present the problem and provide recommended improvements, to include an audio narrative of how you would present the project, as a nursing leader, to nursing staff. This presentation should not exceed 10-12 minutes of total time. This presentation should include the sections noted below in the grading criteria; the value of each section is noted by percent; the entire project is worth 100 points.



Create a twelve-slide maximum power point slide presentation, with voice over narration, having these elements.

1. An overview of an identified problem and how it impacts the organization.

2. Recommendation(s) of what can be done to decrease this problem.

3. Literature support for this recommendation, to include at least ten references.

4. A brief implementation plan which the nurse leader could use to make this change. This should include who will be responsible for each task, and a brief completion timeline.

5. A brief evaluation of how this project will be evaluated.See additional details below in the grading criteria section and the grading rubric for this assignment.

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